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About this book

“Corona and after Corona” is a guide for everyone. Not just for pointing the way towards experiencing a better quality of life in the middle of the Corona crisis, but also in the wake of it. Most of all, to better prepare for surviving any potential subsequent epidemic or pandemic. The book helps to prevent Corona, to better comprehend the situation, gain confidence and provides clarity on what the best ways are to deal with everything. Moreover, the reader learns how to set the right priorities. In this book, the reader will find ”the 10 commandments” – the golden rules for coping with this crisis and any eventual impending ones.

The Corona pandemic has taught us two things so far: the repercussions from it bring out the best and the worst in people. It affects people of all shapes and sizes, young and old. Author Hendrik van der Ham already has several successful books to his name, in which he provides the reader with insights about humankind and their mindsets, about their own role in this film called ‘life.’ Van der Ham has written a new book based on what he knows, his skills and personal experiences: “Corona and after Corona.” A book that provides the reader with insights into their own feelings, actions and their role in a world where everyone seems to have lost their way.

The book helps to prevent Corona, helps to comprehend the situation, to be confident and clarifies what the best ways are to deal with it all.

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The Hero Story

Part 1 preventing Corona


corona and situation

CORONA. No one thought it could come to this. Suddenly, all over the world many people are dying. The hospitals are full. And many countries are temporarily on lock down. We fear for our lives.
To the point: It did not have to come to this. We can now try to identify those responsible, but the most important thing is that we make it through all right. With as little damage as possible. Fewer people dying. Less nancial misery. Less consequential damage.

When CORONA (COVID 19, also known as SARS 2) is over, we can decide what we will do di erently from now on. At the moment we are in consideration.
And it must be a rational decision, because this should never happen again. At this time we want to prevent CORONA contamination.
All decisions at all levels are taken for this purpose. In addition, manageability is of the utmost importance. This book has been written for this purpose and in order to prevent CORONA as much as possible..

CORONA – what is it

CORONA is a virus. Actually, it is a group of u viruses. There are two types of the CORONA virus. Essentially, you can think of CORONA viruses as a family, with a benign branch and a malignant branch. You can handle the benign branch well. The viruses in this branch speak approximately the same language. Your immune system understands those languages. You do get sick, it has the symptoms of an ‘ordinary’ u virus and you get over it.

The malignant branch of the family speaks foreign languages to you. This means your immune system does not speak those languages. Whenever a member of that branch of


the family presents itself, you will have to learn a whole new language. That is a great challenge in itself. And there is another challenge, what about your immune system?
Are you generally resilient or not? This concerns the known vulnerable groups in society who are especially at risk and people with an unhealthy lifestyle. We will get to that in a bit. The time your immune system needs to learn the new language is the biggest problem. The u-related viruses of this species can therefore spread. Within a day, the virus invades your body and cells, uses various materials of these cells and begins to destroy the cells from the inside and duplicate itself into the body. It then spreads itself through your body.

CORONA – pneumonia

The infection can lead to a severe case of pneumonia. After damage and destruction of a large number of cells in the lungs, your body wants to repair and replace these cells. Subsequently, a large number of alveoli stick together (explained elsewhere) and you have a much smaller capacity of absorbing oxygen. As a result, if you carry the virus, you experience serious breathing problems, possibly chest pressure and throat problems. You will experience an even bigger problem if you already belong to one of the vulnerable groups, for example if you have asthma or COPD.

If you are among the 80% who experience only a mild infection, you have a di erent problem…

CORONA – being a carrier

If you belong to the group that has been infected, but only experienced a mild form, then your health is exible. In that case, you can still be a carrier and transmit the virus to people who are less resistant.
Outside the body, the virus particles are initially dead. If, after entering your body, they have duplicated in your body, then they have some sort of life period. This means they can survive for a short time in the air and can also continue to exist on plastic, for example, in droplet form, prior to washing. And this process may also have taken place in a di erent body.

In addition, if someone’s body has built up resistance, their body may not have lost the virus 100%. In that case you are (still) a risk of infection for others and especially for infecting vulnerable groups, the known groups and people with an unhealthy lifestyle. You are a carrier.

CORONA – risk of infection

The CORONA virus enters the body through the airways, nose and mouth, and possibly through the eyes. In many cases, it will then cause major problems in the lungs and alveoli. If you breathe out and carry the virus with you, the virus can be exhaled. These are minuscule particles carried by the moist part of the exhalation. For this reason, the request is to keep as much distance as possible.
And to cough and sneeze into your elbow. In this way, the particles will not spread far.

CORONA – mouth masks

Mouth masks do not help, because the virus attaches itself to the outside and goes around it. In addition, most mouth masks do not seal o su ciently. The correct masks are only used in hospitals and are immediately thrown away after use. With the right masks, breathing is much more di cult, and misuse prior to acquiring a virus infection can cause breathing problems.

Additionally, handling masks is not simple. If you touch the proper mask, or if you take it o and use it again, the virus particles have gone around it. And with most other masks, the virus just goes through. As a result, the use of masks only provides false safety.
(If the government prescribes the use of mouth masks and/or you feel that it is better to use them, then of course feel free to use mouth masks).

CORONA – vaccine

Against CORONA and especially this dangerous species, vaccines are not yet available. Vaccination entails injecting a small amount of the virus, so the body produces antibodies meaning the immune system already learns the language of the virus. The danger is, that if you belong to one of the vulnerable groups, or if you have an unhealthy lifestyle, you

are still not learning the new language fast enough. For this reason, developing a vaccine during this time is not an easy task. In addition, testing a vaccine is also quite a challenge.

In essence, a method has to be found, a kind of professor who teaches all these di erent languages to the body’s immune system, so the body builds up multiple types and su cient natural anti-in ammatories and antibodies.
That is where we need to go.


CORONA – gathering

Theatres and museums have closed for a speci c period of time soon after the outbreak in each country. This is to ensure that people do not have to stand, sit and inhale and exhale too closely together. In order to contain risks.

Subsequently, all kinds of restrictions were introduced to further limit the risk of infection.

At rst, the closure of schools was not a part of this. These groups in society were seen as the non-vulnerable groups. Groups of people who often learn a language quickly are in school for a good reason and already show speed in learning something mentally and physically (By learning languages quickly mentally, they may

possibly also learn the language of the viruses more quickly, but that is a side note)*. It then became clear that by sitting together in one room at school, they could quickly transmit u types. The CORONA virus initially looks like an ordinary u virus and initially behaves in
a similar way.

At present, gatherings are banned by the government and all schools are closed for a longer period of time. If possible, classes should now be given online at a distance.

In the case of travel, you are asked to do this only if really necessary and in many countries it is temporarily no longer possible. Many airports are closed or have very limited access.

In several countries, you are asked not to leave home to work if you could have a virus. Any u virus is suspect. And there are possibilities to examine yourself to what extent the virus, which makes your body feverish, resembles the symptoms associated with CORONA.

In addition to closing the various airports, theatres and also the catering industry for a longer period of time, a so-called total LOCK DOWN has been chosen in various countries. In that case you may only go outside for the most necessary things. This usually means only visiting the nearby supermarkets, in a prescribed manner.

There are exceptions for people who have to keep society running. In the country where you live, there are lists of professions exempted from the quarantine regulation.


In the case of the CORONA virus, the body must have a well-functioning immune system in order to quickly learn the language of the virus


CORONA – working at home and quarantine regulation

If people in other groups, other than the vulnerable groups who are already at home, should also stay home, then this is a government decision. It is about preventing a further outbreak of the pandemic* and preventing the infections of CORONA as much as possible.

If a country does not opt for an overall LOCK DOWN, this is again a government choice.
In most cases, we can question whether a total LOCK DOWN is the right choice. If we are all at home, the outbreaks of the virus can continue to proliferate there. In various countries, the choice for a total LOCK DOWN is subsequently regretted by medical practitioners. Health care is often overloaded during LOCK DOWN and after the LOCK DOWN.
During LOCK DOWN, this happens because the proliferation in houses can take place in many ways. And afterwards it happens because when everything opens up again, people have not yet built up resistance and can still get sick. Carriers are once again entering into groups and the threat of a CORONA 2 pandemic is accelerated.
Various country leaders are therefore deliberating with medical practitioners on slowly building up the resistance of the population. As a result, CORONA will be manageable for society and the individual person is essentially safer. As more
resilience will remain in the health care system, to treat people in hospitals, if acute cases occur.

CORONA – further expected development and information

Depending on the further course of the outbreak and the ability to control or contain CORONA by health care, a decision will be made to lift the various regulations per country. All groups that now have to ensure that the most important matters per country remain well organised, will continue to work and as much as possible apply all conditions to be able to continue to do so.

The government decides on the steps to be followed per country, whether or not in consultation with its neighbouring countries. Restrictions that exist for travel and visits from other countries will be lifted by governments if so decided. Additional regulations


Pandemic – epidemic on worldwide scale


and adaptations of how to interact with each other, such as the 1.5 m distance rule and payment methods, can be obtained from the government agencies of the country where you are located during this CORONA health crisis. Follow the restrictions as closely as possible, for your own safety and for the safety of your loved ones.

Check government sites online, track news releases, and tune into health care.
In addition, it is important to continue to check each other and to perform the self-check (As described elsewhere in this book).

I believe in most government decisions. Consider common sense. We have overcome most problems by using this. Keep as calm as possible, use the CORONA 10 COMMANDMENTS in the following chapter.

I don’t believe that there’s any need to worry about empty supermarket shelves. I do think we should keep an eye on our eating habits. Our immune system is of the utmost importance.



The 10 Corona commandments


  1. Don’t panic
  2. Don’t think about CORONA all the time
  3. Don’t talk and read about CORONA all the time
  4. Rest sufficiently and make rational choices
  5. Provide energy, do stretching exercises, drink and eat healthy
  6. Build your immune system further, such as Vitamins and OMEGA 3
  7. Think of fun things that make you happy, be thankful
  8. Wash your hands, doorknobs, phone, keyboard, keep a distance of 1.5 meters, wear gloves and don’t touch your face
  9. Withdraw a little, but be there for others at a distance
  10. Be respectful, take care of each other and don’t visit the elderly for a while

A few words from the writer

What does this new book teach us? Van der Ham: “The book teaches the reader that we should make more of our own choices rather than running after others. Get out of that herd. After all, by definition the shepherd is a type who you really shouldn’t choose to chase after. Invest in health instead, right now and especially in the future. That way, you break out of a vicious circle. As our lack of immunity also makes our wills weaker, which means that we keep on making the wrong choices.” Anyone reading the book will gain a clear insight into how the Coronavirus was able to strike so drastically around them. The book also teaches the reader how things can be different in future. Or, as Van der Ham says, “bring your immune system into optima forma for Corona 2.” He is convinced that it won’t just stop with this initial pandemic. “Absolutely not if we don’t learn a lesson from what’s happening to us at present and just carry on living as per usual once the public message ‘virus is over’ is issued”, van der Ham says.

“If you gave it some thought, you wouldn’t invest in toilet rolls right now”, is how Van der Ham opens the conversation. “The reason why we do this is ingrained in our inner self. ‘Fear may not be wise counsel then’ according to the Dutch proverb, but it is a rudimentary warning system. A will to survival is embedded in our subconscious. No emotion is involved, but instinctive reasoning instead. Nevertheless, we have moved so far away from our natural state of ‘being’ that we rely on emotion. Seeing others hoarding toilet paper evokes anxious emotions: if someone else thinks that it’s important, then it must be important to me as well. That is emotion-driven copycat behaviour and no longer has anything to do with reason.”

Van der Ham is convinced that we make a lot of wrong decisions concerning our health based on this copycat behaviour. Consequently, he firmly believes that our immune systems have already been waving the white flag for a very long time because of our unnatural lifestyles. “There’s a pill for everything nowadays. The pharmaceutical industry has gained prominence. Deep in everyone’s heart lies the awareness that prevention really is better than cure. By eating the wrong foods, sitting indoors too much and not exercising enough anymore, we have let our immune system know that we think things are doing just fine. The result is that we treat symptoms with medication. This is what the Corona virus currently circulating is benefiting from.”

In summary: “Corona and after Corona” gives the reader an insight into what he or she can do themselves to prevent a recurrence and what action can be taken. Fear, panic, stress and poor nutrition which undermine our immune systems can be overcome by using the tools provided in this book.
Hendrik van der Ham

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